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Horse salon shampoo & conditioner 946ml

Horse salon shampoo & conditioner 946ml

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Product description

Horse Salon Shampoo - shine and care for the entire coat and mane!

o Gasket

o Contains Aloe Vera

o Go for dogs too

This is how close you can get your horse/dog to the beauty salon. A rich conditioning shampoo concentrate that contains Aloe Vera, which acts as a natural super-moisturizer. Cleans even the dirtiest horse! The shampoo is so mild and skin-friendly that it is suitable for daily use. Makes hair, fur and tail shiny, soft and easy to care for. Treats the skin and coat. Also ideal for washing a dog's fur!

Instructions for use: Moisten the horse/dog's coat. Pour a splash of Horse Salon shampoo into a bucket and add a little water. Massage into the hair cover. Rinse thoroughly. If the horse/dog is very dirty, let the shampoo work for a while before rinsing.

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